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We help you determine the best ways of working allowing your teams to turn …

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We served clients from many countries: Canada, Japan, UK, Australia, Senegal, Barbados, etc.

Because context counts, our firm tailors its approach based on your needs. Our clients appreciate our customized service and our attention to details while working towards clear goals. We go above and beyond common agile practices. Let’s collaborate and make your digital transformation a success.

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Where to start? Which agile practice to pick? Which training should we send our people to? Is Scrum the best framework to start with? These are some of the questions our team will you help you answer.


Learning about Agile & Digital transformation does not have to be dry. Our passionate consultants and trainers will help you understand the concepts but also help you gain the required skills to make your transformation a success. Come learn with us and get more than just a certification.


Following our training sessions, you might have more questions than answers. Our team will be there for you. When it’s time to apply these new skills to your context, you can count on our specialists to help you kick-start your change initiatives. Don’t do it alone, let us guide you step by step.


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Are you curious about agility but don’t know where to start?

Our free interactive workshops and webinars are a great way to learn more about agility and ask your questions..

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We rely on active listening to align with your needs and objectives.

We do a complete analysis of your current situation and your challenges. Building a relationship of trust is essential to create an accurate picture and a customized plan.

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We are a team of certified consultants dedicated to democratizing agility throughout the French-speaking world and to equipping the leaders of today and tomorrow to accomplish the digital transformation of their organization.