Applying Professional Kanban (APK)


Kanban is becoming the modern way to manage the delivery of customer value by a customer. In today’s ever-changing environment, you need a clear set of practices that don’t inhibit your ability to deliver on an ongoing basis but provide enough structure to keep everyone aligned and focused.

This two-day course will give you an in-depth introduction to improving the effectiveness of your team by applying the principles of flow Kanban.


-Explain the basic principles of the flow

-Describe the value of the WiP limits

-Create a visual chart to manage your work

-Capture and interpret key metrics and flow analysis to find opportunities for improvement

-Explain why the flow should be focused on value creation

-Define, build, operate and continuously improve a Kanban system

Content of the training

-Kanban theory, strategy and practices

-Apply Kanban practices

-Workflow Design and Visualization

-How to Improve a Kanban System

-How to Get Started