PSM 2 (Professional Scrum Master – Level 2)


Unlike the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course, which focuses on the use of Scrum, the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master, PSM II is an advanced course that helps students understand the postures that characterize an effective Scrum Master and servant-leader while diving deeply into how they serve the developers, the product owner, and the organization. It leads to a certification exam.


-Posture of the Scrum Master as a teacher.

-Posture of the Scrum Master as Coach & Mentor.

-Posture of the Scrum Master as a facilitator.

-Posture of the Scrum Master as a change agent.

-Be able to identify and effectively apply the position that would most benefit your team in order to facilitate interactions between individuals.

Content of the training

Understand and apply the Scrum framework.


Scrum Values

Scrum Teams




Individual and team development.

-Self-managed teams


-Leadership Styles Coaching and Mentoring

-Manage products with agility

Develop and deliver products in a professional manner
Evolve the agile organization