Unlike the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) course, which focuses on the use of Scrum, the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master, PSM II is an advanced course that helps students understand the postures that characterize an effective Scrum Master and servant-leader while diving deeply into how they serve the developers, the product owner, and the organization. It leads to a certification exam.


-Posture of the Scrum Master as a teacher.

-Posture of the Scrum Master as Coach & Mentor.

-Posture of the Scrum Master as a facilitator.

-Posture of the Scrum Master as a change agent.

-Be able to identify and effectively apply the position that would most benefit your team in order to facilitate interactions between individuals.

Content of the training

Understand and apply the Scrum framework.


Scrum Values

Scrum Teams




Individual and team development.

-Self-managed teams


-Leadership Styles Coaching and Mentoring

-Manage products with agility

Develop and deliver products in a professional manner
Evolve the agile organization

The DASM certification equips you to successfully lead agile teams, thereby future-proofing your career in a world in which agile is fast becoming the way forward. The Disciplined Agile tool kit includes hundreds of proven practices, including Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and even some predictive approaches, and puts them into context.

By taking the course — and becoming DASM certified — you’ll understand how to customize your way of working to the approach that makes sense for the situation you face in your organization and industry.

What You Will Learn

Grasp the fundamentals of agile and lean, and how you can practically use both approaches to produce value for your teams.
Explore multiple agile and lean techniques from methods such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, and more.
Understand how to put these techniques into practice and ensure successful agile implementation.
Appreciate the DA mindset and its underlying principles, such as pragmatism, the power of choice, and adapting to context.
Learn how to apply the Disciplined Agile tool kit to discover the most effective way of working (WoW) for you, and your team in your unique situation.

Do you want to learn how to successfully lead one, or perhaps several agile teams? Are you looking to accelerate your ability to manage high-profile initiatives that are critical to enterprise success? Do you want to take business agility to the next level by applying agile and lean techniques in a wide range of situations, including non-software teams?

Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) teaches experienced agile practitioners how to use the Disciplined Agile (DA) tool kit to optimize how teams work, work with allies within their organization, and solve a variety of advanced problems. This 14 PDU course will prepare you to take the DASSM exam and start using Disciplined Agile immediately within your leadership role.

What You Will Learn

Changing your mindset is not an easy task but it is not impossible. By adopting the agile mindset, the PMO optimizes value creation. An Agile PMO can ensure that activities are aligned with strategy and that teams are working on the right tasks in the best way possible. In turn, an Agile way of working maximizes value and reduces risk to the business.

In this episode, we refer to a fun learning tool that offers shared online quizzes called Kahoot. What could be better than learning while having fun?

Alex Gbaguidi had the pleasure to meet the two founders of Liberators in Amsterdam (NL).

Alex Gbaguidi had the pleasure to meet the two founders of Liberators in Amsterdam (NL). Actors towards the path of change their objective is to

Making waves together

and to liberate individuals, teams and organizations from dehumanizing and inefficient ways of organizing work by giving them control over their future. Come and follow this very enriching exchange.